Create Business Apps with React

Do you need more than a simple website?

Infrastructure-Components offer a convenient React-App setup with no configuration.

  • Specify the architecture of your React-App with a simple React component
  • Concentrate on your React-App - not its configuration
  • Ready for deployment from the beginning by running one command!
  • Infrastructure-Components are open source!

A Tool for React Developers


100% React! Don't bother with configuring Webpack, Babel, or Serverless. You concentrate on your app!


Start your app locally. The Hot-Development-Mode updates your application while it is running, without a full reload. This speeds up development and provides immediate feedback!


Deploy your App to the cloud (AWS) with a single command. Just run npm run deploy-{your-env}! Infrastructure-Components take care of the rest.

What about DevOps?

Not required! Really. You don't need to struggle with the DevOps stuff. You just specify the architecture of your React-App with a component: <SinglePageApp />

The Next Level of Automation and Convenience


In the 2000's, System Engineers provisioned dedicated servers with scripts and the shell (ssh). Deployments were a manual task. You had to know your hardware very well.

Not really something a developer wanted to meddle with.


After the raise of continuous integration and infrastructure as a service, DevOps-Engineers configured whole infrastructure landscapes with a collection of configuration files.

But as a developer, do you really want to spend your time with configuring paths, endpoints, certificates, and the like? You still need to know the details of the infrastructure.


Infrastructure-Components provide an Architecture as a Function! It lets you use functions (React-Components) to specify the architecture of your infrastructure. You don't need to configure the underlying infrastructure anymore. It is all taken care of.

As a developer, you now can concentrate on the functional aspects of your architecture. You do this in the language (Javascript/Typescript) and with the framework (React) that you know the best!